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Kleen Worx Detailing
Stop Rust In Its Tracks

Good for any truck, SUV, or car

NHOU protective coatings are the fastest, least expensive way to add safety and value to your vehicle. It seals out corrosives and eliminates rust.

NHOU Oil Undercoating Is a powerful, heavy-duty rust protectant that will creep and penetrate into the base metal to displace moisture and protect your vehicle from road salt-brine and rust. The exclusive formulation is available in Clear and Back-N-Black, Which leaves a smooth, glossy, black finish. NHOU Oil Undercoating provides up to 12 months of protection to undercarriage, seams, crevices and hidden areas.

Price: $170.00

Value: $245.00

Savings: $75.00 (31%)

Qty Available: 3

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