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Brown's Store
Jalapeno Cudighi Package
Around 1 lb of Jalapeno Cudighi

Brown’s Store, the best fresh cut steaks around. A steak from Brown’s makes it grilling season. Bone in Strips, Cowboy Ribeyes, Porterhouse, Ribeyes, New York Strips, T-Bones, and many more! If you crave steak in your life, Brown’s Store in Little Lake is where you fix that steak craving! The Stanskys have carried on the tradition of fine cut meats from the Suardini Family. It’s tradition that’s been passed along. And, if it’s not already a tradition of your own, steak night comes from Brown’s Store.
This package includes 2 packages of jalapeno cudighi

They have fresh cut steaks, and fresh frozen steaks in their freezer. Prices below reflect frozen steaks! Save a couple of extra bucks by picking up your fresh to frozen steak right at mediaBrew’s office.

Must pick up at mediaBrew Communications office. These can't be shipped
Price: $3.00

Value: $4.36

Savings: $1.36 (31%)

Qty Available: 2

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