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The Beehive Beauty Lounge
Spa Pedicure
Get the pampering you deserve with a full spa pedicure package. You’ll receive a mask, hot towel treatment, paraffin wax dip and a complimentary polish included.
The clipping, cleaning, and cutting of toenails that takes place during pedicures prevents the nails from growing inward and causing an infection. Pedicures increase blood flow in your nails as well. Not only does the buffing make your nails shiny and tidy, it can increase the flow of nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to your nails. Just like massages, pedicures can help reduce stress so they’re also great for your mental health!

Call (906) 264-5037 or book online Located at 5087 US 41 S in Harvey next to Snyder Drug.

Price: $40.00

Value: $60.00

Savings: $20.00 (33%)

Qty Available: 5

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