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The Crib
12oz Bag of Crappie Coffee
The Crib is a cozy and comfortable coffee house and roastery located in Marquette, Michigan with lots of seating and food options. Home of CRAPPIE COFFEE ROASTERS.

This certificate is good for a 12oz bag of Jig or Sinker Crappie Coffee from The Crib. Both Jig and Sinker beans hail from the region of Tolima in Columbia. Jig is a light roast with juicy flavors of lemonade, almonds, and grapefruit. Sinker is a full bodied, smooth medium roast, with flavors of ripe cherries, citrus, and chocolate.

The Crib is open 7-7 M-F
Price: $6.00

Value: $12.00

Savings: $6.00 (50%)

Qty Available: 24

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