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pureWash Pro by GreenTech
Imagine being able to get dazzling-fresh laundry with minimal or no detergents, fabric softener, or even hot water . . . you can with the pureWash Pro
Scientifically proven--Independently tested & certified. New pureWash Pro model increases cleaning strength by 10 times with patented technology.
By switching to pureWash Pro, you will immediately reduce your energy consumption per wash load by 80% and you'll rarely if ever have to buy detergent, bleach, laundry boosters or fabric softener again

We have this amazingly nifty contraption at our office at mediaBrew Communications. Check out their website and then come check it out in person today!

YouTube How To:

Price: $120.00

Value: $290.00

Savings: $170.00 (59%)

Qty Available: 2

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