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SKN Marquette
Tattoo Removal
$1,600 *Free Consultation Required (no sternum tattoos also this treatment is not appropriate for individuals of dark or ethnic skin types due to scarring)

Are you looking to have that old tattoo removed? Have you ever gotten a tattoo you regret or just want something new? Well then you need to pick up this certificate and call (906) 225-5551 for your FREE Consultation with Dr. Beatty, co-owner of SKN Marquette.
This certificate is for the removal of a 3x4 inch or smaller any color tattoo removal, it includes 4 treatment sessions. SKN Marquette is conveniently located at 1021 W. Washington Street.

Don’t wait another day with ink that you do not want, call SKN Marquette (906) 225-5551 and say bye bye to that old tattoo.
Price: $800.00

Value: $1,600.00

Savings: $800.00 (50%)

Qty Available: 1

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