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Auto Armor Auto Spa
5 Pak $8 Deluxe Car Washes
Get a 5-pak of $8.00 Auto Spa Wash car washes.

It includes:
- Underbody & Rocker Panel Flush
- Double Pre-Soak Cleaner
- High Foaming Bath Cleaner
- High Pressure Wash
- Fresh Water Rinse
- Sparkling Spot Free Rinse
- Super Blower Dryer

Auto Armor Auto Spa has a 24-hour auto wash. Go anytime, any day. The certificates do NOT expire!!!.

Auto Armor Auto Spay is located at 500 S. Front Street in Marquette. For other auto conditioning treatments, call (906) 228-5353.
Price: $25.00

Value: $40.00

Savings: $15.00 (38%)

Qty Available: 4

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