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Advanced Chiropractic of MQT
Initial Chiropractic Exam, Consultation, and Adjustment
Use this certificate for your initial Chiropractic Exam, Consultation, and Adjustment!

Advanced Chiropractic of Marquette is your local source for all of your spinal health needs! Dr. Tim Milano from Advanced Chiropractic offers his clients the best in Chiropractic medicine.

Not only is he a trained professional in all things Chiropractic, he also focuses on each client's Wellness and Health needs in order to prevent future health issues. When you visit Advanced Chiropractic of Marquette, you'll receive measurable physical improvement and Dr. Milano will reevaluate your spinal health every 12 visits to be sure what was prescribed is still right for you!

So whether you're seeking preventative care, pain management, or looking to get your life back again, give Doc Milano a call at (906) 204-9238 or stop by the office at 337 West Washington in Marquette to schedule your Chiropractic visit!
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