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Bergdahl's, Inc.
Mower 21inch Walk Behind Cub Cadet
Call 942-7344 and ask for Chuck, Chuck Jr. Patty, Roger, Will, or Johnny.

This push mower has all the best Cub Cadet features like 159cc, 21inch cut, side discharge bag or mulch, with the High Wheels for easy pushing and better maneuvering on hills

Backed by a multi generation family business where people say the service is best with Bergdahl's. They fix any that mows, blows, or goes across your yard.

For small-to-medium sized yards, your ideal fit can be found in a Signature Cut (tm) Series push mower with 21" steel mowing deck. Back by the strength of a 3-year limited residential warranty, they're built to resist rust and handle uneven terrain. Plus reliability is ensured with the SureStart (tm) guarantee that your mower will always start in one or two pulls.
Price: $190.00

Value: $270.00

Savings: $80.00 (30%)

Qty Available: 1

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